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Lead Drought to Lead Abundance

With Copywriting Strategies and Linkedin Automation in just 4 hours a month.

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Once upon a time..

You had:

But, Got:

Now, secretly wish for:

Asked a teammate to help with content to attract a few leads from Linkedin

Dry copy with too many clichés that shooed off your prospect

Fireball copy in your brand voice to brighten your lead’s minds.

Hunted a freelancer or intern who scrambled with strategies.

Results - ‘BLAH’! Burned your money + brain calories.

Wow results, that flood leads in your DMs or inbox.

Typed your own copy using ChatGPT and manually connected with leads

Overwhelmed and felt lifeless wasting 25+ hrs batting around whatnot

Laser-focused time on what you do best and with your family too.

Burnt hands with an agency to rinse your strategy and copy

Stuck with leaky processes and faceless employees

Silky smooth process with a personable team that delivers results

No More Sweat

Grow Your Revenue Not Just Your Reach

We Focus on One Goal: Profitability. That’s why you get complete hand-holding till you find clarity in your brand messaging and ROI from the persuasive copy and sales funnels.

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Meet The Face Behind GrowthXL

Hi, I’m Husaina Shabbir — ROI Obsessed Growth Marketer.
Hi, I’m Husaina Shabbir and I help B2B brands create Sales Machines
Powered by scientific and process-oriented research, copy and execution.

Get Persuasive Copywriting

Imagine your copy sizzle with the science and art of research. Visualise your design flow smoothly with UX pizzaz, and tight edits. Imagine being able to eavesdrop on your customers, glean insights and action them for you.

Get A Sales Funnel Expert

Need a review – or help you build your sales funnel? Map out a strategy to plug leaks in your current lead gen process? Wish to automate and add prospects to your mailing list? Happy to help.

Get ROI Delivered

Through a clear, thorough, and solid strategy we hand-hold to grow your revenue not just your reach within timelines for fail-proof success.

Get an A+ Solution

Striking content, copy, and strategies to build a selling machine using websites, LinkedIn outreach, automation, and email series that attract the right personas that need your product.

Bona-fide Numbers

to prove the worth of words


Brand visibility in 30 days by running a LinkedIn outreach campaign for a B2B marketplace company.


Improved website conversion rate for KPO outsourcing company


Slots booked for a consultant for events, interviews, and panel discussions

5 Secrets to creating a Magnetic Landing Page

Evolve your website as the North Star of all your marketing efforts.

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Services You can Expect

Heuristic Research

To help you turn your business to brand
Aka: A Complete Brand Messaging Guide based on a 10-hours intensive research.

Website Copy

To transform your website into a selling machine.
No more: We will pen the perfect content strategy, and craft clear copy to keep your visitors coming.

Outreach Copy

To capture leads and make them enter your sales funnel.
Intriguing? These 3 have the power to capture, nurture and convert your leads into paying patrons.

Not Sure Which Service you need?

Need more clarity on

How to scale a Profitable Business with Less Risk

Discover your sales-surging solution in a 30-mins discovery call !

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How to get started?

How do we Roll- Out things?

Get to know about our step by step journey to know how we work.

Step 1: Engage

Offer an on-the-house 15 Mins No obligation Discovery call to learn and understand your requirements.

Step 2: Analyse

Create a customized proposal summarizing the current concerns, solutions, scope of work and timeline.

Step 3: Commit

Start yielding the magic of the science-driven process to transform your ho-hum strategy into a wow-wow result that blows your revenue.


Tell me what all you need! Offer an on-the-house 30 Mins Discovery call to learn and understand your requirement.


Study and propose the best!
Create a customized proposal summarizing the current concerns, solutions, scope of work and timeline.

Commit & Deliver

Kick Start the Work!
Start yielding the magic of the science-driven process to transform your ho-hum copy into a wow-wow copy that blows your readers.

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Our Manifesto

Why would you want to work with us?

Why you would want to work with us?


Focus on Results, where R stands for Research


Refuse to drain your money and my energy. If I can't do it, I’m here to accept.


Get a ruthless eye for details and guarantee a holistic content strategy.


Build a rapport with me that lasts long and I will never leave you in a lurch even after the campaign goes live.

So What’s it gonna be?


Want to explore options with little-to-no hand-holding and play an expensive gamble of time and money only to get results filled with error-prone mediocre strategy?


Partner with an ROI Obsessed Expert to get a research-backed and science-driven copy and funnel strategy with complete hand-holding to build a profitable business.